Export Complete Google Search Console Data

Unlock Your Hidden Keywords from Google Search Console

Download a million keywords & pages along with the search metrics including search positions, clicks, impressions and CTR in two-clicks. 🚀

  • Free rank tracking
  • Organic search metrics
  • 1 Million keywords
  • 1 Million pages
  • Bulk CSV export
SEO Ninjas

Keyword Console vs Google Search Console

Features Keyword Console Google Search Console
Maximum Keywords 1,000,000 1,000
Maximum Pages 1,000,000 1,000
Rank Tracking
Bulk Export Incomplete

Unlimited Keyword Rank Tracking

Google Search Console is a gold mine of keywords, but there is one big problem!
You can only access 1,000 keywords. 👎

If you have a website with some traffic, it likely ranks for over 10,000 keywords or even 100,000 keywords, but you can’t get that data from Google Search Console.

With Keyword Console, you get access to the rank tracking data for 1 million keywords for your website a long with metrics: search positions, clicks, impressions and CTR. 🚀

This data is highly accurate since it comes directly from Google.

SEO Keywords Rank Tracking
SEO Landing Pages

Track SEO Performance for Landing Pages

Discover areas of opportunity by analyzing under performing pages, and get insights into the pages with strong SEO performance.

Get a list of all the pages of your site with SEO metrics like search positions, clicks, impressions & CTR. See what’s working and what’s not working.


Keyword Console gives us accurate rank tracking data for over 100k keywords, there is no other tool that provide this kind of quantitative and qualitative data.

Server Guy

Jeremy Hudson

Head of SEO, ServerGuy

Our clients expect fast SEO results. We are able to identify the low hanging fruit with Keyword Console and increase search rankings for our clients in record time!

Outreach Monks

Shireen Walia

Vice President, Outreach Monks

Keyword Console provides us valuable insights that helps us to identify growth opportunities to increase our SEO traffic significantly. It’s a gold mine!

Emily Adpushup

Morgan Woods

Marketing Manager, Adpushup

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